About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide insight & opportunity to our investors so they can make an informed decision for their future, have an alternative to the volatility of the stock market and start building generational wealth.

Our Strategy

We strategically target commercial opportunities with value-add potential in emerging U.S. markets. Our team prides itself on delivering results, and our focus is always on providing exceptional service. What more would you expect from a team dedicated to being approachable, knowledgeable and above all, professional. With more than twenty years of accumulated experience, our team has the extensive knowledge that gives us unique insight and ability to assess market conditions and provide the best and most relevant advice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue creating passive income & generational wealth for our investors, as well as revitalizing communities across the U.S. & providing a safe family environment for our residents.

Meet our team

 A.C. Peña – Principal

Project Oversight
Project Analysis
Investor Relations


Gabby De Los Santos – Marketing Strategist

Social Media & Networking

Paul Dunkel – Acquisitions Manager

Lead Generation Oversight

Ryan Dumas – Strategic Partner & Advisor

Project Financing
Asset Management
Investor Relations

Danny Galvan – Strategic Partner & Advisor

Project Financing
Business Development
Investor Relations

Javier Hinojo – Strategic Partner & Advisor

Project Financing
Investor Relations

This is our Why. Let us help you secure the future for yours.