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Who we are?

ACP Realty Investments LLC is a privately held real estate company focused on stable, income producing commercial opportunities in emerging markets across the U.S.

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How it works?

Our strategy is to implement a proven process that will ensure maximum capitalization on all assets acquired.

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We locate, negotiate, and aquire commercial real estate property directly from brokers & sellers. We purchase these assets at below market value. Potentials assets must meet our buy criteria which includes deferred maintenance, deferred management or a mix of both.

value add implementation

The business plan is put into motion through strategic physical renovations and/or operational adjustments. This forced appreciation strategy allows for maximum capitalization and overall value increase of the asset.

Exit Strategy

Once the value-add plan has been successfully implemented, the asset will be refinanced to return investor capital. The property will then be held for long-term cash flow or the property will be sold for equity gains.

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Ho’ol Balam
The Sutton on Park Lane
NNN Commercial Retail


Ho’ol Balam
The Sutton on Park Lane
NNN Commercial Retail

The Benefits

Passive Income

It’s time that your money works for you! Investing in Commercial Real Estate assets is an excellent way to generate additional income while you sleep. It will be difficult to beat that!


If you are someone who is exhausted with the volatility of the stock market, or you’re simply trying to stay off of that rollercoaster ride, you’re in the right place. The stability of commercial real estate is hard to surpass.

Tax Benefits

Benefit from the depreciation on commercial real estate assets & offset your tax burden.

Opportunity to Own/Invest in Tulum, Mexico!